Timmins – A Natural Paradise On Earth

In this article, you will find details about the most beautiful sceneries you can see in Timmins.

In this article, you will find details about the most beautiful sceneries you can see in Timmins. So, this will act as a guide to take you and your loved ones on a perfect journey. Timmins has some of the rarest wildlife areas that have many beautiful lakes and ever-growing forests. As a result, it has been a great attraction for tourists all around the world. So, here are some of its unique places to visit during your stay.

1. Kettle Lakes Provincial Park

Timmins 1

Due to glacial movement that happened thousands of years ago, twenty-odd lakes were formed in this area. And now, these beautiful lakes have transformed into a great tourist attraction. Thus, attracting hundreds per day for activities and tours during all seasons.

Even though some of the areas have restrictions due to protection against wildlife. Kettle lakes park is still one of the main attractions in Timmins. So, if you are coming here, please follow the guides you receive at the entrance. And keep in mind not to bring things that may cause pollution, such as polyethylene containers.

You will find many types of fishes in these lakes that you can fish with your friends and family. This activity is one of the main things to do when you are here. So, bring all the fishing equipment you need, or you can rent from the premises. And you can also ride cycles through some of the beautiful and scenic routes around the lakes. In conclusion, you should never avoid this park if you are in this area.

2. Hersey Lake in Timmins

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It is situated near some of the most beautiful forests and is known for its majestic scenery in Timmins. And Hersey lake has many outdoor activities to enjoy for the tourists that come there. It is a popular area that has many relaxation spots for you to enjoy. This lake has a large beach area with fewer rules so you can freely enjoy nature.

With many picnicking spots, bike trails, and parking spots, this area is the place for you and your family. And this park is animal-friendly, so you can bring your pets to enjoy as well on your trip.

And if you are into trekking, this is your ideal place. Because it has the best trails in the area to go on long hikes. And these trails are safer and easy to travel, even for amateurs. So, if you are a trekking fan, this place is your dream.

3. Gillies Lake in Timmins

Gillies lake

This lake is famous for its beautiful and long walking trails. During the walks, you will see some of the rare wildlife in the area. And you will meet boards stating its long natural history. Build with many boardwalks, this trail is the safest for long evening walks with your family.

This trail is one of the most popular parks in Timmins for picnicking, playing grounds, and other outdoor activities. This park is also famous for having one the safest areas to swim, and many officials are there to oversee the tourists.

Gillies Lake is a must-see if you are in the area. You will have the best of times with your family with the variety of activities you can find there. And please follow all the rules within the park to ensure a safer and healthier time during your visit. Never miss out on visiting this lake if you are in Timmins for vacation.

4. Hollinger Golf Club

Golf course

If you are a golf fan and needed some golfing during your vacation in Timmins. Hollinger golf club is the place to go because it is a golf course with some of the best views in the entire country. It is also famous for being a championship golf course, who hosted many golf tours since 1922.

This golf course includes small ponds and streams that come in to play while golfing. And its uncommon elevation and terrain have become one of its unique attractions. Therefore, due to these reasons, Hollinger golf club has become a favorite among tourists and golfers in this area. So, don’t miss out on playing few rounds of golf in this course when you visit Timmins for your vacation.

5. Timmins Museum


This museum contains the history of Timmins and its residents. It pays homage to the culture and arts that are unique to them. This museum has a variety of collections and exhibitions that empower the long-lasting culture that continued with time. And also, it tells the story of the community that resides there and the development they had through the years.

If you are a history enthusiast, this is the place to go to gather vast knowledge about Timmins. And it also offers special programs for children to educate themselves with the history. You can buy many souvenirs that are unique to Timmins with the gift shop. So, you can have many memorabilia that will last a lifetime. You must visit this museum if you are in the area and looking for some nostalgic history.

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